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To improve over all customer services, reduce response time rate and achieve better resource efficiency of all service request related to the different services providers operating inside Cap Cana (Telecommunication, Electricity, Water and HOA).




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¿How we solved it?

After a comprehensive analysis of short and long term goal of our clients we propose to consolidate in on single help desk all the request regardless of the origin or service provider. By creating one single point of contact for cap cana clients and people of interest, they were able to maximize their resources and reduce the human and infrastructure cost.

The process


We choose Atlassian’s platform as the core of the solution based on our previous experience. Products like Jira Services Desk allowed us to centralize all requests in no time and with very little trainning, additionally combined the use of Jira Core with each of the responses team at all service providers, allowing each company to monitor and control their requests independently and with their own set of rules and protocols. We finalized adding a Knowledge Base with Confluence allowing the client to keep all parties informed and reduce human support.

The final result allowed requests to be generated by a phone call, email or directly on the help center portal witch was integrated to their propitiatory residents app.

Xhinola is an Atlassian' Product Expert and has extensive experience with all Atlassian’s products.

With our help Cap Cana now offers a centralize services based on ITIL’s best practices with SLA’s that can guarantee an extraordinary service to their customers.


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