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A digital transformation to convert itself to a tech-friendly place, They wanted a digital place where the guest can book its attractions (restaurants, hotels, etc.), the residence’s owners can manage their properties, business owners can manage their guests list and Cap Cana administration can have all the guests/owners information centralized in just one place.

  • Digital transformation became Cap Cana a modern city
  • Customer service’s improvement
  • Bring Selfservice to visitors



1k Employees

¿How we solved it?

We built a Software Platform that connects Cap Cana Administrators, Owners/Residents of Cap Cana, Guests and Merchant covering all tasks related to invitations, visit to Cap Cana’s Merchants, Billing and Help Center requests. All these transactions are managed by Cap Cana App Platform keeping data in every task of the process


Cap Cana Admin
Web Application built using NodeJS and React. The principal feature are user authorization and manage permission on all Platform apps. Also, include KPI’s Dashboard and Reports.

Admin App

Gate keep App
Mobile App built using ReactNative fit to iOS and Android devices with the internal distribution. The propose of this app is controlling the visitor's access to Cap Cana. The Gate Keepers read the QR or Identifications from guests and check if they have a valid pass and help to authorize or decline the access.

Cap Cana App
Mobile App available in the Apple Store and Google Play, it was buit using ReactNative and NodeJS. The most important feature for visitor and Owners are


  • Listings Management
  • Employee Registrations
  • Guest Invitations
  • Billing Information
  • Payments of Services


  • Visit request to Cap Cana’s Merchant
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Receive Invitation from Cap Cana (Owners, Merchants, Administrators)
Cap Cana App
Available on
App Store Google Play

Merchant App
Mobile App available in the Apple Store and Google Play, it was built using ReactNative and NodeJS. The Cap Cana Merchant Allowed to Apply the Resort Fee in visitor account and they can invite their clients using coupons

Merchant App
Available on
App Store Google Play

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Improve over all customer services, reduce response time rate and achieve better resource efficiency of all service request related to the different services providers

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